Money Back Guarantee!

If I don’t improve my brainpower, boost my energy, sharpen my focus and even fortify my memory, I PAY NOTHING!

I can return the product at any time and request a 100% money-back refund with absolutely no hassle.

Revealed: The Harvard Brain Health Breakthrough That You Weren’t Supposed To Know About

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Money Back Guarantee!

If I don’t improve my brainpower, boost my energy, sharpen my focus and even fortify my memory, I PAY NOTHING!

I can return the product at any time and request a 100% money-back refund with absolutely no hassle.

Brain health related diseases like dementia are an ongoing nightmare that affects 1 out of 3 Americans.

Every 65 seconds it claims another victim.

And in my humble opinion is one of the most terrifying diseases out there.

I personally call it “The Shattering Disease”

Because dementia and other brain health related condition don’t just claim your life, this diseases shatters into a million pieces who you are as a person.

Your memories, your personality, your hobbies, every little detail that makes you unique is being ripped from your mind and tossed into oblivion.

Your memory starts to fade, your focus weavers, you can’t concentrate on anything anymore…

And I won’t even mention the extreme stress it put on your loved ones.

And the symptoms can be subtle:

  • You can’t find your keys, wallet or other stuff you just used
  • You struggle to remember why you entered a particular room
  • You start to notice you have trouble finding the right word or expressing yourself
  • You find you have trouble following someone telling a story or events
  • You have difficulty planning or organizing your day, a trip or anything else

And these are just few of the subtle early warning signs that your brain might be on a downward spiral

Today you’ve discovered that having an internal fungal build-up can lead to developing such a debilitating condition…

And while you’re well on your way of dodging that bullet with the help of Myco Nuker…

When it comes to your brain health, there’s more to it than fungal colonies ransacking your body.

Stress, chemical filled foods, “fluorine flavored” water, pollution or side-effect filled drugs have all been identified as causes for brain health decline.

And the truly infuriating part in all of this is that the pharmaceutical giants only care after you get sick…

So they can sell you their latest “wonder drug” that comes with a side-effect list a mile long…

And does nothing to actually help you get better.

Luckily a group of brave scientist at Harvard University recently discovered two little-known natural ingredients that not only prevent and shield your brain from this disease, they could actually be used as a form of alternative treatment.

The first one is Bacopa Monnieri:

This is the “Golden Standard” of traditional alternative medicine when it comes to treating memory and brain-related disorders.

Countless studies acknowledge it’s unmatched power to treat a broad range of health concerns including memory loss, anxiety, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms, epilepsy, and act as a general tonic to fight stress.

People also take bacopa monnieri to treat backache, joint pain, and sexual performance problems in both men and women.

The second one is Phosphatidylserine Complex:

This complex is critical to the maintenance of all cellular functions, especially in the brain.

Extensive research has shown that Phosphatidylserine (PS) improves memory, cognition and mood in elderly people. It also slows down age-related cognitive decline, combats depression and improves symptoms of Parkinson’s and other metal conditions.

PS is so powerful in dealing with brain health related conditions that when Harvard made the discovery the pharmaceutical giants all jumped in a heart-beat on the bandwagon and wanted to patent the ingredient…

PLx Pharmaceuticals of Houston even received a half-million-dollar-grant from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver foundation to research and develop a drug…

Despite the fact that these ingredients are all 100% safe and natural.

That’s not their concern—their concern is profit. And they desire that profit at YOUR expense. That should make you a bit more than frustrated…and that’s why I want something much better for you.

After reviewing the research with Dr. Ishiguro and several other top researchers we decided that we can enhance even more the potency and benefits of these 2 mental-boosting nutrients.

Together we added 6 more natural ingredients and created a secret blend that floods your brain cells with an abundance of health-giving nutrients.

Today I want to give you a one-time-only offer, a chance to try this for yourself… BEFORE Big Pharma takes it away from you.

Introducing BrainMax

Now you can effortlessly improve your memory, slowdown age-related mental decline, regain your mental sharpness, energize your brain…PLUS stay youthfully alert well into your senior years

“I have been having trouble remembering things, like names and dates and why I did things like coming into a room to get something. We have dogs (huskies) and take them to a dog park and I keep forgetting the other owner’s names, and, their dog's names, while they always remember mine. So when I found Brainmax, I jumped at the chance! After a week or so I noticed a real improvement in my memory! I can remember people names, dog names, and what I did yesterday or even days ago without even trying! I no longer have to write down a list of projects to do because I remember them all!”

- George L. from Birmingham, AL

“This product is by far a life saver! I have been taking one pill every morning for the last 55 days and can honestly say "what a difference". I noticed significant improvement in the clarity of my thinking. I am 49 and was noticing a foggy feeling and loss of sharpness, BrainMax does what it promises. No jitters - just clear and much improved mood. Very well worth it!”

- Rita B. from Lawrence, KS

“This product is amazing, I’ve just tried it once and the results are great. Now I concentrate more, have more clarity when saying, thinking learning things. I feel more relaxed and calm, it has lowered my anxiety considerably.”

- James C. from Chattanooga, TN

Simply take 1-2 capsules a day and you’re set. Nothing could be easier.

The best time for you to take your BrainMax is right when you eat breakfast in the morning, before the stress of the day begins to take its toll on your mind.

I then suggest you take your BrainMax either before a really important meeting, so you’re at your most calm and focused, or when you eat your lunch or afternoon snack.

And yes: these are 100% safe, natural, non-addictive nutrients (plus one very unique and powerful amino acid your body may not be getting)

The specific combination of these herbs and nutrient, along with a very powerful amino-acid called N-Acetyl L-carnitine HCL act in perfect synergy to create the documented effects of BrainMax.

Researchers have found Acetyl L-carnitine HCL can improve mental energy levels while also keeping the brain healthy as we age and even offering measurable benefits to patients with dementia and other types of memory loss.

What makes Acetyl L-carnitine HCL superior to other amino acids is the fact that it can cross over the protective membrane surrounding the brain and target cellular functions within the brain.

That’s why most brain boosting supplements out there fall short of the mark. They are missing Acetyl L-carnitine HCL and so they can’t provide direct nourishment to your brain.

They’re missing the “Master Key” to the blood-brain barrier.

Luckily BrainMax has the perfect dosage of the “Master Key” amino acid Acetyl L-carnitine HCL so it can deliver improvements that you can see and feel.

Yet Acetyl L-carnitine HCL alone is not sufficient to produce all the results you just read about, as reported by men and women taking BrainMax for 2 months or more.

Because your mental health is at stake, I’ve decided to do something a little crazy…

As much as I’d like to promise you BrainMax will be here for you tomorrow—I simply can’t say that in good conscious, knowing what I know about the FDA and Big Pharma pressure.

What I can and will offer you is the absolute best deal possible for your own personal stash of BrainMax (we’ll just keep this brain enhancing secret to ourselves, okay?) I really believe your mental health and everything that makes you unique is on the line—and that means making sure you can get your hands on this right now.

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Even if we can produce more before a ‘takeover’ by the bad guys, I doubt I’ll ever sell this by itself due to the fact that it will only get MORE attention from Big Pharma, and to be honest I don’t have the money to hassle with being sued by a billion-dollar company.

So, you simply MUST take action now, or you’ll lose out on what is absolutely the fastest, least expensive, and easiest brain enhancer there is.

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Due To The Pressure I’m About To Receive From Certain “Big” Companies, I Cannot Guarantee BrainMax Will Be Available For Much Longer

They say, “All good things come to an end.” Nothing could be more true when it comes to BrainMax.

Something this effective will always be a target of Big Pharma…and that means you’ll have to go through a doctor to get it—IF you can even get it at all.

When these crooks steal a natural formulation and turn it into a prescription—just like they did with two heart disease formulations in 2010—it takes years for you to get it. They have to test and re-test…then re-formulate so they can claim it’s “a drug”, when it’s really nutrients found in foods and herbs taken safely for thousands of years.

So Act Right Now So You Too Can Experience Results Like These Men And Women Are Seeing And Feeling Every Day…

“I was somewhat skeptical of this supplement, yet the great reviews pushed me into purchasing it. My money was absolutely well spent. After a week or so of taking BrainMax, I noticed my clarity had improved drastically.

I had energy and focus driving throughout the entire day. My father and I split the bottle and he noticed the same results as well. Great value for a great product.”

- Sylvia C. from Elmsford, NY

“For me, a 57 year old man, it's been the miracle I've been hoping for, for years. I have my "passion" back to get up and get things done. Before, for almost ten years now I've been, "What's the use? What does any of this matter? Why bother?"

I can't explain it, but things "matter" now. It's cleared away this invisible fog of depression that's plagued me for so long. It's "fixed" me when nothing else has worked. I've been taking it for about a month now. I've dusted my house in places that haven't been dusted in ten years.

I'm landscaping my 3-acre lawn. I've cleaned and organized my shed. Just now I'm fixing' to aerate the yard and throw down seed after a two weeks of moss and weed killing and... I could go on.

Fixing things that have been broken for years. I'm telling you, this stuff is my NZT. Thank you, Terry for giving me my life back.”

- Steven A. from Maine, MN

“After taking BrainMax for a month I have noticed an increased clarity of thought and greater ability to focus. Additionally, I've noticed improvements to both my short term and long term memory. I take the formula around noon with lunch and it helps keep me focused until late evening.”

- Amanda J. from Schaumburg, IL

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