The shocking truth about toenail fungus and how your doctor is making it worse!

"It's humiliating", my wife cried, "I can't even go outside anymore."

"What happened?" I asked as she slammed the door, but I could have guessed the answer.

"Everybody stares at me... and they avoid me like the plague. The cashier didn’t even want to touch my money... and she looked like she wanted to throw up

"Am I hideous?"

Behind her waterfall of tears, I saw the embarrassment on her face...

The anger at her condition, the shaky self-consciousness about her toes and fingers, and the fear... that this nightmare would never end.

In just six months, Caroline had transformed from being the strong, beautiful woman I loved

into an absolute wreck

A woman that used to enjoy jogging around the neighborhood

Spending days at North Avenue Beach with our children

And who took pride in her lovely, delicate hands and feet...

Reduced to this...

A shaking stranger on our couch that I barely even recognized... crying her heart out and cursing the evil fungus that now grew on her hands and feet.

She was no longer confident...

No longer strong...

No longer the woman she once was.

Now, instead of taking our kids to the beach, she locked herself inside our bedroom...

Instead of walking barefoot in our own backyard, she hid her once smooth feet inside tennis shoes and long pants... even in the heat of summer...

And instead of searching for an answer to this fungus,

She kept waiting for it to go away

It had been better before, when the fungus was only on her foot… but now, with her fingernails showing the same crumbling, yellow shards as her toes, there was nowhere left to hide.

She put my hand in hers and said, "Feel my leg... it's getting worse every day."

Reaching down, I ran my fingers over the dry, cracked skin and fought back the flood of emotions. Yes, it was getting worse… and I felt powerless to stop it.

And to think that it had all started with just a tiny white spot on her toenail... that kept spreading from toe to toe… and crawling its way up her foot...

Leaving a trail of red streaks and blisters in its wake.

And now, it had extended to her hands and fingernails. Her once-shiny, glossed nails were gone... and it had been forever since her last salon visit.

I sat there helpless, not knowing what to say… not knowing how to console her.

"I'm sick and tired of living like this... I can't take it!" she screamed, throwing her shoe across the room.

In the 10 years I'd known Caroline, I had never seen her this upset... this vulnerable... this close to the edge.

I put my arms around her as she continued, "I don't even feel like myself anymore. I'm always tired... and confused... and clumsy. It's like my body isn't even mine...

And I'm scared to be around the kids... what if the infection spreads to them?"

"It'll pass, honey. Just give it a little more time."

But in my heart, I wasn't so sure I believed what I was saying

The infection was showing no signs of slowing down and actually, I was afraid of how fast it had gone from that single toenail we joked about to dominating our every waking thought.

Just like my wife, I was afraid of the danger we were putting our kids in... Angry at how the fungus had stolen her pride... And embarrassed that I hadn’t done more to protect her...

This fungus infection had shaken both of us to the core.

And little did I know, it would get worse before it got better.

So, why am I shearing this story with you?

Well, because that simple toenail fungus had truly rocked our world... and sent us on a journey of gut-wrenching stress, worry, and pain...

A journey that saw us try every useless home remedy out there... A journey that exposed the dark and sinister practices of corrupt pharmaceutical companies... And a journey that eventually revealed... a light at the end of the tunnel.

Just as you may be thinking, we believed Caroline’s toenail fungus would go away on its own, that it was no big deal.

But we made a mistake

And it wouldn’t be the only one - we’d make plenty more along the way.

And that’s why I’m telling you this story...

I’m telling you:

  • Because I understand how embarrassing a toenail fungus can be
  • Because I saw the damage it can do
  • Because I went to hell and back trying to fix Caroline’s infection
  • And because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes we did

So before you start ANY treatment for your toenail fungus

Here’s why it’s absolutely essential you watch this entire presentation, from start to finish, and don’t put it off for later.

You see, not only will Caroline and I share our first-hand witness account of the devastation toenail fungus can cause, but we’ll also help you:

  • Identify the cause of your toenail fungus problems (Hint: it’s in EVERY room of your home)
  • Discover the shocking truth of how fungus can take control of your body
  • Expose Big Pharma’s corrupt practices that put you at risk
  • And unleash a solution that will quickly and effectively smash your infection to smithereens

When you watch this presentation all the way to the very end, you’ll discover the easy, effective way to go

From this

To this

With visible results after only 3 days

And all without strange home remedies

Without useless creams

Without expensive laser surgery

And certainly without toxic pills and their debilitating side effects.

This same information has helped tens of thousands of people with their toenail fungus problems...

Just listen to what Matthew Palm from Greensboro had to say:

Or Sue Holt from Newnan who says:

And Dr. Adam Davis, a podiatrist from Southfield said:

However, the truth is that I don’t know how long I can keep this information online. As you’ll see later, there’s a big reason why Big Pharma might want this site shut down.

They’ve been milking patients with fungal infections for decades and if this gets out to the general public, it’ll bring an end to their multi-billion dollar cash-cow.

And this breakthrough has already helped 37,679 people treat their fungal infection, which means it’s only a matter of time before we show up on Big Pharma’s radar...

When that happens, we’ll be forced to shut down.

We’ll fight off Big Pharma as long as we can... however, we’re only two people and they’re a TRILLION-dollar industry.

So don’t wait until it’s too late... keep watching today to the very end and I’ll tell you everything I know about toenail fungus - the causes, the treatments, the mechanisms, the whole ball of wax, including the only real way to neutralize toenail fungus...

And I promise that what I share with you today in this free presentation will be UNLIKE anything you’ve ever seen about toenail fungus.

First, however, I want to share Caroline’s full story with you. Believe me, I take no pleasure in reliving those dark and scary moments... and I’m ashamed that I didn’t help her sooner.

Still, by seeing what we went through, you’ll know exactly how to avoid the same situation and understand just why I’m sharing these difficult details.

So stay with me until the end and I’ll reveal the shocking truth about why prescription meds like Lamisil and Sporanox are simply not an option.


Before I tell you the harrowing story of Caroline’s recovery, I’d like to point out something...

See, I wasn’t always an expert on toenail fungus. In fact, the only thing I knew about fungus was mushrooms on pizza... and I didn’t even like them very much.

Now, because of Caroline’s ordeal, I definitely know more about fungus infection than the average guy... and I probably know even more than some doctors. However, that’s because I worked hard to learn - I had a reason to become a fungus expert... and I’m glad I did.

Our journey started right there, in our Oak Park living room... the kids were outside and I was the only one to see my wife’s tear-stained face come through the door.

Caroline had just come back from the store and she was humiliated by how people had stared at her fingers… and for the first time since we’d met, I saw her lose control...

She hurled a shoe across the room and screamed, “I’m sick and tired of living like this... I can’t take it!”

There, holding my wife as she sobbed, I was embarrassed I hadn’t done more... and felt guilty that I’d even made jokes about her yellow toes.

So that evening, I did what you’re probably doing right now - I started searching online for toenail fungus treatments... and let me tell you, the home remedies I found were nothing short of crazy...

The only problem... none of them worked.

Shoes in the freezer? Tea tree oil? Boric acid? A mixture of vinegar and bleach? And even Listerine mouthwash?

Over the next 2 weeks, we tried them all... and the only improvement was that now the fungus had a minty, fresh smell.

However, it still wasn’t slowing down.

Remember when I told you that we made mistakes?

Waiting too long to do something was one... and home remedies were another... but little did we know that our biggest mistake was waiting for us just around the corner.

Giving up the ridiculous home remedies, we turned to the professional advice of our doctor.

After taking a quick look at Caroline’s feet and hands, he prescribed Lamisil and told my wife to take a tablet a day until the fungus went away.

Six days went by and the infection hadn’t changed.

However, what did change was Caroline’s health.

In less than a week after starting Lamisil, the side effects started to kick in:

Fever... chills... joint pain.

We figured that the side effects would pass as her body adapted to the drugs... but they didn’t.

And new ones kept appearing.

Caroline was feeling worse and worse and was always tired or nauseous… and she had a weird, insatiable craving for sweets.

When her eyes and skin took on a yellow color, like the kind you see on old men double her age, I got worried and called the doctor.

After describing what my wife was experiencing, he didn’t mince his words.

“Stop what you’re doing and take Caroline to the hospital now!”

Something was very, very wrong

After rushing her to the hospital, she was admitted immediately and a few hours later, the doctor came back with the test results:

“I’m afraid I have some bad news,” the doctor said, “Your liver is showing early signs of failure, so we’ll need to keep you here for a couple days...”

And then he turned to me,

“To put it bluntly,” he said, “the Lamisil she’s taking has done a number on her liver.”

I stood there... cold shivers running down my spine... and a PIT OF RAGE boiling in my stomach.

And I was angry... angrier than I had ever been before...

  • Angry at the fungus that had wrecked our lives...
  • Angry at the stupid home remedies that had done nothing...
  • Angry at the doctor for prescribing this dangerous Lamisil...
  • And angry at myself for letting it all happen...

for taking a backseat when helping my wife should have been my top priority.

Why her? Why us?

Caroline didn’t deserve this humiliation...

Or a trip to the ER because she followed her doctor’s orders...

Or being afraid to play with our kids...

This had to stop and it had to stop now

When the doctor left, I put my arms around my shaking and crying wife, remembering what she had shouted in our living room... that she couldn’t take it.

You see, holding my wife as she bordered on a nervous breakdown, I realized something - I couldn’t take it either...

I was angry... afraid… embarrassed... and finally, resolved to do something about it...

And I made my wife a promise I wasn’t so sure I could keep.

“We’re going to beat this,” I said, “It doesn’t matter what I have to do or how much it’ll cost, I’ll find a way, I swear.”

Then and there, I took a stand. It was MY responsibility to protect my wife - not the doctors, not the drug companies, and not some stranger on the Internet with a weird home remedy.

As I drove us home two days later, we talked about what comes next. Neither of us knew the answer, but we agreed that prescription meds like Lamisil were out of the question… and so were the doctors.

For starters, I had no idea where to begin. I wasn’t a doctor and I knew next to nothing about fungus infections. I was just an ordinary husband in a difficult situation...

But I did have one thing going for me - I was determined as hell and there was no way I was going to fail...

I’m proud to say I kept my promise... but it wasn’t easy.

From that moment forward, I dedicated myself to learning everything possible about fungal infections. I spent every waking moment online... on the phone with fungus specialists… chasing down leads and leaving no stone unturned...

And I came across something remarkable...

Something that works to clear up even the worst nail and skin fungus infections...

Something that requires nearly no effort on your part...

Now, I didn’t come up with this fungus-destroying formula on my own… and to put it frankly, I got lucky, as you’ll see later on...

However, what you’ll discover is that this formula is specifically designed to be a natural, comprehensive attack on your body’s fungus infection, from top to bottom...

And even better than that, it’ll prepare your body to handle future infections as well.

But more importantly, it’ll give you back the confidence that your nail infection has stolen...

It’ll let you remember what it’s like to walk barefoot at the beach...

And it’ll erase the worry and stress that comes every time you look at your toes...

This fungal nuker is the exact same formula that Caroline used to finally put her fungal infection behind her...

And it’s the exact same formula I’m going to share with you near the end of this presentation, so stay with me...

Yet before I reveal how this formula works, I want to first show you what I uncovered about fungal infections and why they’re a serious problem.

Honestly, what I found was truly disturbing.

And this isn’t an exaggeration...

You’re about to discover the truth no doctor will tell you - toenail fungus is only a symptom of something much worse...

Because the real cause of toe or skin fungal infections is not on the outside, but on the inside of your body...

Triggered by millions of microscopic terrorists that you come into contact with every single day...

And these invaders nest not only in your nails, but also in your gut, your lungs, and everywhere else… creeping around undetected... growing faster and faster each day... waiting for just the right moment to rear its ugly head...and making you a breeding ground for a deadly infection.

So make no mistake… that seemingly innocent white spot on your toenail may start small, but it can push you into a world of embarrassment and danger in only a few short months… just like it did for Caroline.

As Professor Rosemary Barnes from the Institute of Infection and Immunity at Cardiff University points out:

“For most people, fungal disease means a bit of athlete’s foot or a toenail fungus. These may be irritating and unsightly, but fungi can do far worse. Fungi kill more people than malaria and tuberculosis worldwide.”

And she’s not the only one sounding the alarm on fungal infections.

Dr. Edward Group, founder of the Global Healing Center says that we’re facing a “fungus epidemic.”

While Mark Hyman, MD has shown that a fungal overgrowth “can result in many chronic illnesses and symptoms including allergies, chronic inflammation, joint problems, mood and brain disorders, digestive symptoms, and more.”

And if you leave it untreated, the fungus carves deep, invisible fissures in your nails and skin… paving the way for other bacterial and viral infections to take hold… and creating a domino effect of more symptoms and unchecked infection growth.

Which means that in a matter of time, you might not be facing just a toenail fungus, but also septicemia, gangrene, necrosis, blood clots… or even worse.

So where do these fungal infections come from?

As I mentioned before, they can come from many places, but perhaps the scariest of all is a device found in 87% of American households... and probably yours as well...

It’s your air conditioner.

A study conducted by the Osaka City Institute of Public Health & Environmental Sciences shows that living, working, or just being in a room with an air conditioner increases your chances of contracting a fungal infection by 5 times.

And air conditioners aren’t just in your home. They’re practically everywhere - in shopping malls… in your children’s schools… and even in hospitals.

And here’s the dirty secret why - nobody cleans their A/C filters properly.

I know I’m guilty… and chances are high that you’re guilty too. If you don’t believe me, pause this video and go take a look at your A/C’s filter.

Unless you just had it cleaned, then you’re in for a nasty surprise.

And A/C units are only one place you’ll find fungal spores… like I said before - they’re everywhere.

And every day, you’re breathing in all these fungal spores… becoming a walking fungus colony… until one day, your body gets overloaded…

Dr. Edward Group points out that,

“Most people don’t develop symptoms right away. It takes 3 to 6 months to start showing signs of fungal overgrowth, and even then they can be subtle like fatigue, lack of energy, headaches, belly ache and others.”

But the bad news doesn’t end there. Because your immunity is being slowly eaten away from the inside, you’re left vulnerable to infections from the outside, like toenail fungus…

And once an infection takes hold, it creates microscopic cracks in your skin and reaches out to connect with the fungal colonies already breeding inside your body.

Sounds bad, right? MILLIONS of fungal spores waging war to take control of your body.

And that’s not all.

What if you were actually FEEDING this fungus?

Guess what? You are.

Here’s the thing, once you get infected, the fungus starts releasing a poison called mycotoxin. This poison spreads throughout the body and affects not only your vital organs, but also your brain chemistry...

Leading to brain fog, depression, irritability, poor memory, and it makes you crave sugary foods like starchy vegetables, sweet desserts, fruits, and bread.

Why would it do that?

Well, because the infection thrives on sugar and the more sugar you eat, the easier it is for the fungus to grow.

Now you might be wondering why doesn’t your immune system take care of the infection. That’s a great question, but it has to do with sugar’s other “wonderful” properties.

As a study conducted at the Loma Linda University in California shows, sugar does much more than just make you gain weight or trigger diabetes. It actually cripples your immune system by 40% and the effect lasts for up to 5 hours AFTER you’ve finished eating.

So it’s a never-ending cycle: fungus makes us crave sugar – we eat sugar and our immune response drops – the infection grows stronger and makes us crave even more sugar. And so on and so on.

We basically become slaves of the fungus infection

And so we do what we’re supposed to do - we go to the doctor.

And this is the part that makes me so angry… it’s the huge mistake that Caroline and I made… one that countless people with toenail fungus problems make…

Because what will nearly every doctor do?

They’ll prescribe you Lamisil… or Sporanox… depending on which Big Pharma drug rep was in their office last…

And here’s the big lie - the shocking truth that I discovered from talking to fungal experts… the drug companies say that these meds will clear up your toenail fungus… but it’s only temporary

In 75% of cases, the toenail fungus returns… meaning you need another 3-6 months of treatment… and it CAN STILL COME BACK

Now, I don’t know if you’ve looked at Lamisil or Sporanox prices recently, but we’re not talking about chump change here…

A 1-month supply of Lamisil costs $859.40… so that means you’re looking at a MINIMUM of $2,578… that’s if it works… and if not, well cough up another $2,578 and try again…

Just by their numbers, you could throw away $10,312 before you fit their “average” results…

$10,312 for a toenail fungus - that’s INSANE!

But they know they’ve got you on the hook… and they’ll keep bleeding you dry as long as the can.

However, somehow it makes sense… for them. With millions of people suffering from toenail fungus, the money in treating them, without actually providing benefits, must be astronomical…

It’s in Big Pharma’s interest for you to stay sickand never heal completely.

And it’s probably also in their interest to shut down presentations like this one… presentations that blow the roof off their house of lies.

Now, if it was just the money, I wouldn’t be so worried about having this presentation taken down, but there’s something else…

When I reveal Big Pharma’s dirty little secret, you’ll understand why I have reason to fear them… and why they wouldn’t want anybody to see this presentation.

So listen up, because time is running out and they might have already started procedures to bury this information…

Here’s the real secret about Lamisil and Sporanox… the one that really gets my goat… the one that Big Pharma is keeping locked in the closet.

Lamisil & Sporanox are actually responsible for a long trail of dead bodies that pharmaceutical companies are desperately trying to hide.

According to the FDA, about half the patients reported onset of liver failure within the first weeks of starting a treatment with Lamisil.

Just like my wife… yet Caroline was one of the lucky ones…

11 People Died And 34 Never Fully Recovered After Taking Lamisil

All because they trusted their doctor….

But maybe Sporanox is better?

Nope, not a chance - it’s even worse!

An FDA inquiry linked Sporanox with numerous cases of congestive heart failure.

28 Patients Were Hospitalized And 13 Died After Being Treated With Sporanox

It’s clear that the side effects of these drugs are simply not worth the risk… and if you’re still not convinced, just check out the thousands of complaints on

And these drug companies have the AUDACITY to ask you to pay $2,500 for a treatment that not only doesn’t work - it jeopardizes your life.

This is the same reason why you’ve struggled with your toenail fungus…

Between the vast number of fungal spores out there, how it forces you to crave sugar, and the ineffective drugs, it’s no wonder that you’ve never been able to fix your toenail fungus in the past… why it keeps coming back.

However, I’ve got something to tell you - it’s not your fault.

Everything you’ve tried up until now has only targeted the visible part of the infection… and not the whole fungal colonies inside your body… because that’s what doctors told you to do

Again, your toenail fungus is not your fault

Yet there’s a difference now… today you’ve found out WHY you still have toenail fungus… so now it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to do something about it.

If these drugs are the “best” that pharmaceutical companies can come up with, then I say no

And we did say no to Lamisil and Sporanox… so I kept searching and searching, determined to avoid the doctors and drug companies at all costs… and my lucky break came from the most unlikely place… Facebook.

You see, the countless hours I’d spent researching and talking to experts pinpointed the problem, but I was still no closer to a solution…

To save time, I had used Facebook to let our friends and family know about Caroline’s trip to the ER… and it was right there, amid the well-wishes and kind words of encouragement, that I saw a ray of hope…

It came from Ayumi Ishiguro, a acquaintance from college, and read,

“Call me immediately,” followed by her phone number…

I didn’t remember much about Ayumi - only that she was famous around campus for being able to help with all sorts of health problems, even though she wasn’t even studying medicine…

  • Have a headache? Go see Ayumi.
  • A rash on your foot? Go see Ayumi.
  • Stomach problems? Ayumi.

I dialed the number and explained more details about my wife’s toenail fungus. Listening patiently, she gave me an address and told me to meet her there the next morning…

And this is how I met Dr. Ishiguro, Ayumi’s father, and one of the most well-respected doctors in the Japanese community…

Dr. Ishiguro had grown up in Japan and studied natural medicine there, but moved to the U.S. to provide a better life for his family. His small shop at the address Ayumi gave me had served the local Japanese community for decades.

When Ayumi introduced us, Dr. Ishiguro explained his practice,

“The problem with western medicine is that it has lost its true purpose: to heal people. It’s all about the money, the bottom line. I have friends who work in mainstream clinics and hospitals and some of them admit they’re just prescribing what they’re told to. They’re not even allowed to mention natural treatments, even if they are cheaper, more effective and have zero side effects. To do so would mean they lose their job. And it’s not really even the doctors’ fault. They’re taught to be specialized, without worrying about how treating one set of symptoms could cause problems in other places. Japanese natural medicine is about treating the whole body, not just a single organ or body part. That’s why it works so well.”

And relieved to finally hear that somebody out there was having the same thoughts as me.

“So is there anything you can do to help my wife?” I asked.

He smiled and asked me:

“Have you ever wondered why Japanese rice farmers never have any kind of fungal infections? They spend countless hours in muddy waters, working in the perfect environment for fungi. Yet they rarely get sick. Their answer is a special combination of powerful natural ingredients that have been used by Japanese homeopathic practitioners for thousands of years. It's one of the secrets behind our long and healthy life.”

“Wait,” I said, “If there’s a real way to treat this infection and it’s been around for thousands of years, then why is it still a secret here?

His smile disappeared and a sadness came over him,

“American people are told that going to doctors and stuffing themselves with toxic pills is the only way. And I’ve tried to make my holistic medicine known, but I’m only one man.”

As we continued talking, Dr. Ishiguro stood up and opened a cabinet, picking out a bottle near the top shelf. He handed it to me and explained that the key ingredients came directly from Japan. He also told me how this special formulation would work together to remove both the internal and external fungus infection.

At home, I gave Caroline the first dose and while I was still very afraid, I also felt optimistic for the first time in months. Maybe this remedy would be the little help her body needed to start fighting off the infection.

The first two days brought no signs of improvement and my optimism started to fade.

But on the third day, Caroline violently shook me awake early in the morning.

“It’s working!” she shouted, “look at my fingers.”

Sure enough, I could see a shiny, healthy pink fingernail coming up under the yellow, brittle exterior.

We looked at her toenails… the same.

She took my hand and placed it on her foot. The cracked, rough skin I’d grown accustomed to wasn’t fully healed, but it was definitely smoother.

When our eyes met, there was nothing that could stop the tears from flowing. We’d already cried so many times throughout this ordeal, but somehow this was different.

These were tears of happiness.

We both knew that we were finally on the right track and that this fungal infection was on its last legs.

Sure enough, the next days and weeks saw Caroline regain her energy and her body was making noticeable progress every day.

Her disfigured nails were now worthy of a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

The skin on her feet and legs healed and I remembered just how beautiful my wife was.

And when she played with the kids, I saw her warm, natural smile for the first time in months.

Watching my wife return to her amazing self filled me with joy and a sense of pride that I’d kept my promise… that I’d kept my family safe… that I’d helped my wife beat her toenail fungus.

Now, maybe you’re facing a similar situation and feeling overwhelmed. That’s completely okay - I was too when I started researching toenail fungus…

However, what it all boils down to is that you’ve got two simple choices on where to go from here:

Option #1: You could take all this information I’ve given you and be better informed about your toenail fungus… and try your best to cut out fungal spores, sugar, and dangerous drugs…

And who knows? It’ll certainly be harder and take longer, but maybe eventually it will be enough…

Option #2, which ensures that you’ll be on the smart path to ditching your toenail embarrassment…

The quickest and easiest way to go from hiding your feet to barefoot walks on the beach.

Caroline and I have already done all the hard work. By avoiding the trial-and-error mistakes we made, you’ll skip directly to an efficient remedy that tackles your toenail fungus head on…

A formula that’s been trusted for thousands of years by the people most susceptible to fungus infections…

A formula we call…

Myco Nuker

Now you’re probably wondering what’s in Myco Nuker… and I’ll get to that in just a second… however, I’d first like to formally introduce myself and explain why I made this presentation.

Hi. My name is Terry Williams. I’m Caroline’s husband, father of two, and the creator of Myco Nuker:

The Only All-Natural Fungus Destroyer That Lets You Avoid Prescription Drugs And Still Have Beautiful Nails

After Caroline’s full and complete recovery, we had thought that our journey with toenail fungus was finally over, but in a way, it was just beginning

Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time in Dr. Ishiguro’s office - talking about what makes his unique formula work… how his holistic approach treats the whole body…

And I’ve talked a lot with Caroline… about what we’d gone through… about how many other people must be facing the same thing… people just like you

With Dr. Ishiguro’s blessing, we made a decision - to share what we know with the world and find a way to bring his amazing formula to the millions of people suffering from toenail fungus.

Unfortunately, it was easier said than done.

You see, Dr. Ishiguro had perfected his formula over decades of study… and used only high quality ingredients, many of them sourced directly from Japan…

Ingredients like…

A unique fungus-annihilating trio of Shiitake, Reishi, and Maitake mushrooms…

I know it sounds crazy that you would take fungus to kill a fungus, but that’s exactly what these components do…

Because they soak up the sugars inside your body, the infection is left with no fuel… making it a much easier target for your body’s natural immune system.

There’s also science to back it up… a 2008 study by the Celal Bayar University in Turkey found that most mushrooms, and these three in particular, are in fact natural fungus infection killers.

To supercharge this process and serve up a death sentence to the infection, Dr. Ishiguro’s formula adds a little known blend of Japanese green teas: Matcha and Gyokuro.

This powerhouse combo has 137 times more antioxidants than your run-of-the-mill green teas and once it reaches your bloodstream, the active ingredients act as a blood cleanser, pulverizing the survival odds of the fungal infection.

But this is just the first step in the all-out war this natural remedy wages on your fungal infection.

Once these key ingredients have done the prep work, it’s time for a special team of heavy hitters to step up and finish the job.

Beta-glucan is a safe, all-natural fiber molecule that makes your immune system smarter by optimizing how it battles fungal, bacterial and viral infections.

Its effects are so powerful that for the last 30 years it’s been used in Japan as a way for radiation treatment patients to strengthen their immunity.

Next is Arabinogalactan (ARA-6), a prebiotic that enhances the immune system by springing your white blood cells and and natural killer cells into action… these snipers take aim at outside invaders like fungus and start firing.

With your fungal infection at death’s door, three more carefully selected ingredients join the fight… Cat’s Claw and garlic go after any remaining fungal colonies that have escaped the purge, destroying them and improving your blood flow.

Last but not least, turmeric stimulates your liver, enhancing its ability to flush all remaining toxins from your body.

But the job isn’t done yet.

As you’ve discovered, fungal spores are a constant threat, and the next ingredients build a protective shield around your body, helping to prevent fungal infection from air conditioners and other common sources.

That’s why the formula comes with red raspberry juice, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These three create a “laser net” that fries any type of fungal spores that enter your system.

And while those three protect your lungs and other organs, selenium, graviola and pine bark extract form a pre-emptive strike force that scours every nook and cranny of your body for fungal intruders and destroys them on the spot.

Now these ingredients would be enough to take care of present and future fungal infections, but the icing on the cake is the way Dr. Ishiguro’s formula repairs your body.

To help your cells recover from fungal damage, he included Lycopene into the mix, an antioxidant that’s well known for its healing properties.

And when paired together with Quercetin, pomegranate and olive leaf extracts found in this formula, it sends your cell regeneration into overdrive, speeding up the recovery and repair process of your nails, skin and internal organs.

All together, the many powerful ingredients in Dr. Ishiguro’s formula provide a top-to-bottom assault that leaves fungus with nowhere to hide… and restores your nails and skin to their former glory at the same time.

However, like I mentioned before, sourcing these ingredients is harder than it seems… and it took us several months of using Dr. Ishiguro’s contacts before we could rest assured that the quality would meet his high standards.

Fortunately, they were able to deliver a small, limited quantity that was barely enough for our first batch…

And once we located a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility, we were able to produce a small, limited run of Myco Nuker.

Caroline and I have watched in disbelief as Myco Nuker has rocketed up in popularity, helping 37,679 people and counting finally achieve toenail fungus relief.

And the best part for us has been the absolute ton of success stories pouring in… so much that we haven’t even had time to answer them all…

Stories from people like Franny Mahon, who went from barely being able to move her feet to wearing flip-flops on the beach again

Or check out Eddie Landers!

He cleared a nasty toenail fungus that had been bothering him for 6 months in just 8 days! He even helped one of his best friends who was suffering from the same thing!

And here’s a transformation that’ll blow you away!

Sally Vickery from Houston, had type-2 diabetes and a toenail fungus that wasn’t healing. She managed to treat her nails in just 6 days, with Dr. Ishiguro’s solution!

These people and many more simply couldn’t believe they finally had found a natural remedy that worked… and some of them had been living with toenail fungus for years!

The solution that saved them is so simple that it made an embarrassment out of modern medicine…

And today you’re going to gain access to the same unique 100% natural treatment they did, without paying a single penny if you don’t want to, and I’ll be revealing exactly why in just a few minutes.

With Myco Nuker, eradicating toenail fungus is as easy as it gets

You’ll take two pills a day and can count on visible results in the first week!

In the feedback we’ve received, Myco Nuker has garnered high praise for its…

No Effort Required

Great Value For Money

No Toxicity or Side Effects

Short Treatment Time

Myco Nuker is about getting your life back…

And it’s your key to freedom and peace of mind.

Why deny yourself the simple pleasure of wearing sandals or flip-flops during the summer?

Why risk potentially life-threatening complications?

Why expose yourself and your loved ones to this highly contagious disease any longer?

Imagine how you’ll feel with your toenail fungus finally conquered

How your former confidence and healthiness will return…

How your anxiety and embarrassment will fade away into a distant memory…

How you’ll be able to enjoy every day without worry or stress

Picture a day at the beach… with the sand and the wind gently caressing your feet again

Realize just how good it will feel to know that the fungal infection no longer has a hold on your life!

By now, you’re probably wondering what it’ll take to get Myco Nuker in your hands today…

Well, before I answer that, you shouldn’t be thinking of this as a cost at all.

This is an investment in your health and life, and there’s no greater investment out there.

Removing your fungal infection isn’t just a way to boost your self-esteem - it’s what your body needs to live a long and healthy life.

If you do nothing, the fungal colonies will spread throughout your body, destroying your immune system and leaving you vulnerable to other potentially life-threatening conditions like mood and brain disorders, chronic inflammation, joint problems, and more.

Of course, you could gamble with your health like we did and try prescription meds. But besides the deadly side effects of liver, heart or kidney failure, these drugs will force you to spend a ton of money - at least $2,500… and probably more.

And let’s not forget that if you take these meds, you still have a 75% chance of the infection coming back.

Not to mention that your toenail fungus actually poses a serious threat to your loved ones. It’s highly contagious and can spread rapidly, infecting your spouse, children, and friends.

You could also try expensive laser surgery that costs $500 per session. And you’ll need multiple sessions to see any improvement at all.

But it’s only a cosmetic fix and doesn't target the fungal build-up INSIDE your body. This is why they offer ZERO guarantee that you’ll be treated.

These are not real options, and you already know it.

Originally, Dr. Ishiguro wanted to set the investment in Myco Nuker at $99 a bottle.

That’s the same amount he usually charges patients at his clinic, and that’s what we paid to fix Caroline’s fungal infection.

With the high cost of quality ingredients, it’s the lowest he could offer and it’s still a steal at that price.

But you’re NOT going to pay $99 and I’ll explain why in just a few seconds.

After experiencing the results for themselves, many people that have already tried Myco Nuker have stated they would happily pay double or even TRIPLE that for the life-changing benefits the formula provides.

This is a real remedy, not some Band-Aid that needs to be changed every day.

But we’re not looking to make a fortune off of your misery like the pharmaceutical giants.

That’s blood money and we don’t want any part of it.

So there’s no way we’re going to charge that absurd amount of money.

And because we found a better way, we don’t have to.

Because we needed a higher volume of quality ingredients from Japan than Dr. Ishiguro normally orders for his small practice, we were able to negotiate a lower cost and we’d like to pass those savings on to you.

Truthfully, our goal in all this is to make sure that you and others with toenail fungus don’t end up in the same life-threatening situation that Caroline faced. To that end, we’re only looking for a way to cover of our costs and get this remedy delivered to as many people as humanly possible.

Dr. Ishiguro is with us on this and we’ve agreed to hand over the Japanese secret that enables you to completely neutralize fungal infections

For JUST $69.

That’s right, you get the only 100% holistic treatment for toenail fungus at the same price as a mediocre dinner out for 2.

But there’s more…

Since your health and recovery are our top priorities..

And because we know just how vital it is to remove the fungal overgrowth from your body...

And shield your body from the continuous fungus assault that is happening every single day…

We want you to benefit from our special discounted system of 6 bottles of Myco Nuker for only $49 a bottle.

But you need to act fast because this offer is only valid while we have Myco Nuker in stock.

Once we run out of bottles, the “Buy Now” buttons will be disabled until we’re able to make another batch…which can take up to 2-3 months at the very least… and there’s no telling if our Japanese contacts can come up with the quantity of pure grade ingredients we need.

It’s not a sure thing… that’s why we’d rather see you benefit by stocking up now instead of running out of Myco Nuker when you need it most.

Grab the Premium 6 bottles Package (or any other package that suits your needs) by clicking on the button bellow.

One bottle of Myco Nuker will neutralize the fungal overgrowth brewing inside you and attack your toenail fungus infection…

And three bottles will have the same effect of flushing all the fungal colonies from your body, but with the added benefit that you’ll be protected for 2 extra months against the fungal bombardment you’re exposed to on a daily basis…

But with the Premium 6 bottles Package, your whole body will undergo a “6 month fungus boot camp” that will train your immune system and give it everything it needs to fend off any future fungal infections.

Honestly, many of our members continue to take Myco Nuker even after the 6 month marker… and they’ve reported a number of added health benefits, like anti-inflammatory effects, cognitive function improvement, antioxidant activity, increased energy levels, and much more.

Now, I don’t want you to have any doubts about getting this remedy, so here’s what I’m going to do…

To prove to you that this remedy works, and that you have absolutely nothing to worry about, I’m going to give you my 60-day, risk-free Triple Gold Guarantee…

What that means is that if you don’t see noticeable and dramatic improvements of your condition…

Or you’re unhappy with Myco Nuker’s performance for any reason…

Or heck, even if you just don’t like the label on the bottle...

Then all you need to do is send me an email and I’ll refund every last penny of your investment.

Every. Last. Penny.

No questions asked, no hard feelings, no annoying hoops to jump through.

That’s fair enough, right?

But that’s not all…

When you place your order during this limited time offer….

Dr. Ishiguro will let you in on even more secrets of Japanese medicine with three special bonuses, absolutely FREE.

Free Bonus #1


Whether it’s fungal invaders or a flu virus, our bodies don’t fight infections alone. They need help from the many vitamins and minerals that serve as allies to keep your body at optimum performance.

If your body is a machine, then vitamins and minerals are the essential oil that keeps it running.

What is your necessary daily intake? How do they work in your body? How do you supplement them naturally? These are all questions that you’ll find answers to inside this book.

Dr. Ishiguro has selected only the most effective anti-aging and anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

In The Vitamin & Mineral Handbook, you’ll also discover an easy way to tell when you have a specific deficiency. In being able to recognize the signs, you’ll know when upping your vitamin and mineral intake is a good idea.

Free Bonus #2


It’s not the easiest thing to talk about, but if you’ve got foot odor, then there’s literally no denying the smell. And having smelly feet goes hand-in-hand with toenail fungus.

You may have tried everything you can think of - baby powder in the shoes, vinegar soaks, and even more extreme home remedies.

But these treatments only mask the embarrassing smell for a very short time.

In this book, Dr. Ishiguro will explain why the 250,000 sweat glands on your feet go haywire and what you can do to stop them from producing an unpleasant odor.

He’s given you not one, not two, not three…..but 10 very simple and efficient natural ways to rein in the stink.

Each of these can help you get rid of sweaty and smelly feet, and finally end the embarrassment!

Free Bonus #3


This powerful tool will turbocharge your fungal infection recovery and wipe away the toxic chemicals that have become an all-too-common part of your body’s systems.

Every day, you’re coming into contact with toxins, from the bad A/C air that spreads fungal spores to trace mercury found in cans of tuna. These toxins cause all sorts of conditions and diseases, but a solid, one-day detox lets you start again with a clean slate.

Lazy Man’s One Day Detox will give you a detailed and precise schedule to rid your body of more toxins in one day than most programs do in a week.

Filled with cleansing recipes and helpful advice, you’ll be able to counteract the contaminants that clog up your modern life.

But there’s even more…

If you choose to invest in the Premium 6 bottles Package, you’ll also become part of our VIP “Wellness” community.

That means you’ll receive access to weekly newsletters and email updates from Dr. Ishiguro… as well as insights into a wide variety of natural homeopathic treatments based on Dr. Ishiguro’s research.

And even better, being a VIP member of our “Wellness” community means you’ll be able to communicate directly our team of experts and get your questions answered immediately.

In addition, Dr. Ishiguro himself will personally answer your health and homeopathic treatment questions if they leave our experts stumped.

You can imagine that given his ability and status, Dr. Ishiguro’s time is extremely valuable - in fact, he charges $250 per hour for personal service visits. But if you grab this offer while it is still available, you’ll gain unlimited access to our team and even Dr. Ishiguro, 24/7, completely free.

But like I mentioned before, you must act now - the response for Myco Nuker has been enormous and we don’t know how long we can keep this remedy on the shelves.

And with Japanese ingredient pricing and availability always a constant question, we can’t promise that the price will stay so low. The next batch may cost us double to produce, which would force us to charge $99 a bottle… or more.

So this might actually be your last chance to invest in Myco Nuker at this steal of a price

BASIC: 1 bottle

$9.95 shipping and Handling

PREMIUM: 6 bottles

Save $120.00
Free shipping and Handling

STANDARD: 3 bottles

Save $30.00
Free shipping and Handling
Delivery Shipping Fee Shipping Time
US $9.95 5-7 Days
International $19.95 7-14 Days

Just look at the facts:

You can’t leave your toenail fungus untreated - the problem will only get worse, not better,

Mainstream drugs will burn a $1,800 hole in your wallet… and come with a serious risk of side effects like liver failure and hearing problems,

Not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars in hospital costs if these side effects take a turn for the worse,

And that’s with a 75% chance of the infection coming back.

But with Myco Nuker

You gain HEALTH, because the Japanese remedies used by Dr. Ishiguro are 100% natural and safe to use,

You gain TIME, because this treatment will spare you from unpleasant visits to your doctor,

You gain MONEY, because this remedy costs a fraction of any prescription cream or pill treatment,

You gain IMMUNITY, because Myco Nuker targets the root cause of the infection.

The choice is all yours. You could pay more for a less effective treatment…

Or start the right treatment today and get the relief you want from your toenail fungus.

Just remember that with every second that passes, the infection roots itself deeper and deeper into your body.

Pick your option below to claim a future free of frustration, suffering and humiliation,

BASIC: 1 bottle

$9.95 shipping and Handling

PREMIUM: 6 bottles

Save $120.00
Free shipping and Handling

STANDARD: 3 bottles

Save $30.00
Free shipping and Handling
Delivery Shipping Fee Shipping Time
US $9.95 5-7 Days
International $19.95 7-14 Days

You can take control of your own life right now, and put an end to the shame and embarrassment that your ugly, yellow, brittle nails are making you go through.

Do you remember the last time you didn’t have to worry about:

Hiding your feet under socks?

Using creams or taking pills without seeing progress?

Spending money on treatments and doctor visits?

You can cross your fingers and hope for the best… or you can end this and go back to your previous life, before the fungal infection started.

So many things in life are beyond our control… but this isn’t one of them.

This time you’re in full control of your life and like I’ve shown you, dealing with your toenail fungus fast can be a life-and-death situation.

Hi there, I’m Caroline.

We started this website to raise awareness about toenail fungus, because I’m living proof that it is a VERY dangerous infection. I was lucky that I found Myco Nuker in time, but many people out there aren’t so fortunate.

So if you have toenail fungus, do yourself a favor and take care of it FAST.

Don’t let it get out of control because it’s not going away by itself and pretty soon, you’ll have a HUGE problem on your hands.

This awareness campaign we’ve built isn't for getting rich… and with the prices we’re paying for the high quality ingredients in Myco Nuker, we’re practically giving it away.

But it’s for a good reason. With your help, we’ll reach millions of people that suffer from toenail fungus and show them that there is a solution out there.

When you order, you’re not only getting this incredible fungus fighter for yourself, you’re also opening the door to sharing it with a friend or loved one in the same situation. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Choose your package and click on the button below to regain your confidence, health and life.

BASIC: 1 bottle

$9.95 shipping and Handling

PREMIUM: 6 bottles

Save $120.00
Free shipping and Handling

STANDARD: 3 bottles

Save $30.00
Free shipping and Handling
Delivery Shipping Fee Shipping Time
US $9.95 5-7 Days
International $19.95 7-14 Days

You are not only treating your nails.

You are saving your money
You are saving your time.
You are saving your health.
And you are helping other people do the same.
Time is of the essence.

To get from this:

To this:

Order Myco Nuker today and step into your new, confident, fungus-free life.

BASIC: 1 bottle

$9.95 shipping and Handling

PREMIUM: 6 bottles

Save $120.00
Free shipping and Handling

STANDARD: 3 bottles

Save $30.00
Free shipping and Handling
Delivery Shipping Fee Shipping Time
US $9.95 5-7 Days
International $19.95 7-14 Days



The most popular order for new customers is the 3 bottle package, and that's what Dr. Ishiguro recommends to start with. However, because we have many repeat customers, we offer the 6 bottles package so you can take advantage of an even bigger discount.


This is very safe. It is an all-natural supplement that combines 25 high-quality anti-fungal superfoods with cutting-edge wellness support blends in a highly efficient supplement that eradicated all fungal colonies from the body, with added health benefits such as: anti-inflammatory proprieties, cognitive function improvement, antioxidant activity, increased energy levels and many more. It has no severe or potentially dangerous side effects. However, as a physician, Dr. Ishiguro recommends consulting with your health care provider before beginning any new program.


This product is intended for use as a dietary supplement. Take 2 veggie capsules daily. For optimal results take this supplement 20 to 30 minutes before eating with a full 8-ounce glass of water or as otherwise directed by your physician.


We know that individual bodies can react differently to the very same compounds. Even though everyone can benefit from this unique 25 high-quality anti-fungal superfoods and cutting-edge wellness support blends, we’re aware that results can vary. So, if you're unsatisfied with this product for any reason whatsoever after a full 60 days of use, I'll return your money, hassle-free…guaranteed.


Most members reported noticeable improvements from day 1. However, the most dramatic results were reported after consistent use over the course of 2-3 weeks. Please use as directed.

If you have any questions please contact us at

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